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International Free & Accepted Modern Masons Inc., and Order of the Eastern Star.

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Dynamic Women of Dorothy Riley #189

2016 Elected Officers

Sister Felicia Dixon, Worthy Matron
Sister Carlynn Nichols, Associate Matron
Sister Sheria Robinson-Grice, Assistant Associate Matron
Sister Dianne Nichols, Conductress
Sister Terri Vann, Associate Conductress
Sister Ella Joshua Dixon, Recording & Corresponding Secretary,
Sister Jacqueline Johnson-Miles, Treasurer
Sister Althea Sauls, Financial Secretary
Sister Sheria Robinson, Chaplain
Sister Toni Smith, Monitor
Sister Sheria Robinson, Decatur
Sister Carlisha Bowie, Marshall
Sister Sherri Hopson, Adah
Sister Jessica Cousins, Ruth
Sister  LaShawara Benjamin, Esther
Sister Eva Madden, Martha
Sister Elizabeth Irby, Electa
Sister Felicia Pickett, Warder 
Sister Delores Honor, Sentinel 
Sister Lynetta Smith, Organist
Sister Delores Honor, Educational Directress

Dorothy Riley Membership

Sister Angela Drake
Sister Argenia DuBose
Sister Charlque Nelson
Sister Christina Murray
Sister Crystal Purnell
Sister Ella Dixon
Sister Felecia Marshall
Sister Kimberly Mayo
Sister Marcia Smith
Sister Lilly A. Neal
Sister Lawanda Mack
Sister LaToya Waters
Sister Madonna Oneal
Sister Shena Johnson
Sister Stephanie Poopla
Sister Subrina Hamilton
Sister Unique Williams
Sister Ronnette Wilson

2016 Community Service Committee

Sister Ella Joshua-Dixon
Sister Ann Neal
Sister Felicia Dixon
Sister Carlynn Nichols
Sister Elizabeth Irby

2016 Education Team

Sister Delores Honor
Sister Sheria Robinson-Grice
Sister Tanya Bridgewater
Sister Carlynn Nichols
Sister Felicia Dixon

Past Leadership

Sister Tanya Bridgewater, Past Worthy Matron
Sister Lynnetta R. Smith, Past Worthy Matron
Brother Michael Ezell, Past Worthy Patron
Brother Richard Dixon, Past Worthy Patron

State & District Leadership 
Sis. Patricia Hollowell, Supreme Matron
Sis. Monique Walton, National MidWest Matron
Sis. Charlotte Nichols, Grand Matron (MI)
Sis. Sharon Bernard, Grand Queen Bathsheba (MI)
Sis. Danette Wright, District 1 Matron (Detroit, MI)
Sis. Debbie Dick, Assoc. District 1 Matron
Sis. Elizabeth Adkins, Assoc. District 1 Matron




We are only as great as our leaders who direct us through vision , dedication, and tenacity.  Through them we become great, but a great leader always knows when to follow…

"The personal welfare of our members is vital to all of those in the Order and it is considered a privilege to help another member whenever we can."