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Sister Lynnetta R. Smith

I Love the Order of the Eastern Star!!!

"To Be Amongst the Stars
is to Be Amongst Heaven....."



I was initiated into the Order on May 17, 2002.  That day will forever be a new beginning for me.  I wanted to make a difference in the world, do my small part to assist humanity.  I saw OES as the opportunity to do that.  My family has a long Masonic history, but I did not know anything about it.  My journey started when I was seeking information about my Grandmother who passed away when I was six years old.  Though the task was not easy I started to unfold the story of her life and it became an inspiration to me.  Part of that discovery was that she was an active Eastern Star until her passing.  I’m sure she had no idea that I would follow in her footsteps 16 years later.  As I walk through life and navigate its twists and turns I think of a legacy I would like to create and how it can be half as great as hers.  I have many reasons for becoming a “Star” and loving this Great Organization, but if nothing else I did it to be like my grandmother, Viola Whidby, a woman of high morals with the strength of a thousand men.  I pray that what I do everyday as an Eastern Star would have made her proud.

Chapter Position:  Associate Matron & Educational Directress

Interest:  Yoga, Pilates, Talking, Working within the Chapter

Occupation:  Legal Clerk, Law School Student, & Independent Consultant for Our Own Image


Our Own Image is a company dedicated to helping women achieve financial independence, while Celebrating, Decorating, and Commemorating their African American Heritage through products meant to reflect “us” in every way.  As African Americans we should preserve the beauty of our culture in order to pass it on to those who come after us. 


Check out the Our Own Image Website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page:




I Love:

  • To Learn
  • To Talk
  • To Share My Knowledge with Others
  • My Family
  • My Brothers and Sisters of the Masonic Family
  • To Shine as Only a True Eastern Star Can



Click Here for Our Own Image Website

Walking to the East, Seeking His Face...